February 10, 2017

Ten Minutes Till Deadtime: a Shadow Fabric Mythos horror story


From Mark Cassell, bestselling horror author of The Shadow Fabric

Delve further into the Shadow Fabric Mythos with this short tale of terror. Wake up! It's Deadtime.

Terry’s alarm keeps waking him at 3.33 every morning. The problem is, he never sets it for that time. On one occasion he wakes up and something is very different. And that’s when his life begins to unthread...
Already struggling to balance work and home life, can he overcome the evil that has awakened?

A short horror story in the Shadow Fabric Mythos

This eBook includes a BONUS story!

Bestselling horror writer

Not only is The Shadow Fabric a No.1 bestseller in Amazon's British Horror Fiction chart, but Mark Cassell has some impressive credits to his name. His short stories have featured in numerous bestselling anthologies alongside some of horror's top authors such as Matt Shaw, Michael Bray, Rayne Hall, Jonathan Broughton, and Matt Hickman.

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February 10, 2017

Don’t Go To Law School (Unless): A Law Professor’s Inside Guide to Maximizing Opportunity and Minimizing Risk

Going to law school has become a very expensive and increasingly risky gamble. When is it still worth it? Law professor Paul Campos answers that question in this book, which gives prospective law students, their families, and current law students the tools they need to make a smart decision about applying to, enrolling in, and remaining in law school. Campos explains how the law school game is won and lost, from the perspective of an insider who has become the most prominent and widely cited critic of the deceptive tactics law schools use to convince the large majority of law students to pay far more for their law degrees than those degrees are worth. DON'T GO TO LAW SCHOOL (UNLESS) reveals which law schools are still worth attending, at what price, and what sorts of legal careers it makes sense to pursue today. It outlines the various economic and psychological traps law students and new lawyers fall into, and how to avoid them. This book is a must-read if you or someone you care about is considering law school, or wondering whether to stay enrolled in one now.Used Book in Good Condition
February 10, 2017

Catholic Prayer Book for Children

Here are:
- Beloved, traditional Catholic prayers
- Original prayers that accurately reflect a youngster's daily concerns and experiences
- A "how to" for offering his or her own prayers
- The basics of the Catholic Faith: the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, sacraments, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and more
- An age-appropriate "examination of conscience," and an introduction to the Mass and its major prayers.
The Catholic Prayer Book for Children makes the perfect First Reconciliation of First Communion gift.
This is the keepsake your child will keep.
The prayers, lessons, and truths we never outgrow.100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !
Material: Paperback
5 1/4 x 8" H
February 10, 2017


A gruesome murder off Harriman Road sends the small town of Crowley spiraling into suspicion and fear, but is it a wild animal that hunts them down?