March 19, 2017

Debt Free Children

"Debt Free Children" by John B. Wasik

Having just finished high school, and or college, the number one question appears to be what am I going to do now? Do I turn to the left or do I turn to the right? Each decision would lead me down a different path, but which one is the right one? Decisions, decisions, decisions! Just to get a job and become one of the majority that makes just enough to pay their bills and exist is not desirable. How do I plan for the future and acquire the necessary assets for a family and not let it take me three quarters of my life to achieve. If I want to, how can I retire early and enjoy the only life I will ever have? These are questions that all who are starting out in life need to answer. The system designed in “Debt Free Children” tackles this concern and breaks out a five-year plan that allows both parents and children, working together, to ensure a healthy financial future that is stable and when followed will be as rewarding as you possibly want it to be. The sky is the limit and will open avenues available normally reserved only for the affluent. The following bullet points detail only a small portion of what you can expect from this new life.


March 19, 2017



PLATINUM DREAMS is a coming of age story about Sharday Grant, a black teen from inner city Washington DC. Sharday sings R&B like an undiscovered superstar, and her boyfriend, Donnell, is a hot young rapper/producer. Together, they plan to take their group, Lady Day and Double D, straight to the top of the music charts. PLATINUM DREAMS follows Sharday Grant from the inner city of Washington DC to the suburbs of Maryland and beyond in her quest to break into the music industry. Will she have the strength to persevere? Will she achieve her dreams of platinum record sales? And will anyone in her circle stay with her through the end?


March 19, 2017

The Ooze

Sergeant Brooks turned the heater up again, all the way this time. “Damn government vehicles,” he said shivering. He was doing his best to ignore the cold, but every time he exhaled he could see his breath. The winters were tough on him. Having grown up in the south, he hadn’t been exposed to the cold and the snow.
“Why do they always send me out in this shit?” he thought as he glanced towards the sky. The atmosphere was completely gray as if one great cloud had completely encompassed the earth. Snow cascaded around him in thick flakes and accumulated quickly. He glanced in his mirror to check on his cargo. He couldn’t see it, of course. It was hidden within the trailer, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Bringing his eyes back to the road, he gasped as he saw a deer in the road staring back at him. He dropped the gear and tried to brake, but the large vehicle wouldn’t be stopped so quickly in the snow. Panic setting in, he threw the wheel to the left as he sped towards the deer, but the truck didn’t turn. He yanked harder on the wheel and stomped the brake as hard as he could, but the truck wouldn’t respond – until it did. In an instant, the large truck began to roll. The driver felt his stomach drop. The truck landed on its side, and its momentum slid it into the nearby tree line where it came to an abrupt stop.
When he came to, the engine was still running. His vision slowly came back into focus. It took him a moment to realize that he wasn’t sitting upright. His body was trying to fall to his right, and the only thing keeping him from falling was the seat belt. Gripping the handle above the driver door, he released the seat belt and swung his legs underneath of him. Trying to calm, he began checking himself for injuries. Noticing nothing, he began to feel a wave of relief. Until…
“The cargo!” the thought flashed across his mind. Feelings of dread and guilt washed over him. “No, no, no, no,” he repeated as he rolled down the driver window and quickly lifted himself out of the overturned cabin. He raced to the trailer door, slipping the whole way. The outside of the truck appeared to be a common tractor-trailer to throw off suspicion, but he was carrying top secret cargo. He said a quick prayer as he unlocked the door and swung it open. The inside contained tanks of glowing liquids, endless tubes, and monitors displaying information he couldn’t begin to guess at. At the very center of it all, however, was a large sphere shaped metallic tank, and it was leaking.
“Shit!” he whispered as he ran towards the sphere. He had no idea what he was looking for, but he searched for anyway that he might be able to stop the leak. It was too dark to see clearly, he had to lean in close. He brought his face close enough to trace the leak to its source when he realized that the sphere wasn’t metal, but glass. The metallic coloring belonged to whatever the sphere held. Suddenly, he felt something on his leg. He glanced down to see metallic liquid completely covering his boot and beginning to climb up his leg. He jerked backward, but the foot covered in the liquid was held as if encased in dried cement. He jerked harder. His free foot slipped from underneath of him, and he landed hard on the wall of the overturned trailer. The foot being held in the liquid stayed firmly fixed, and the liquid continued to climb his leg.
“What the fuck!” he yelled as he frantically tried to pull himself towards the trailer’s exit. Then he felt it. Everything being touched by the liquid mass began to burn, but also feel as if the heat had been drained from it. He screamed as the ooze continued crawling its way up past his waist, flooding into every orifice it came to. The burning, paralyzing feeling overtaking him, he instinctively tried to push the ooze away as it crept closer to his face. His hands sank into the mass, and became stuck, just as his foot had been. He stretched his neck as much as he could and screamed ... (continued)

March 18, 2017

USA’s Best Trips: 7 Amazing Road Trips


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Discover the freedom of open roads with Lonely Planet's Best Trips series. To kick-start your perfect Americana adventure, our FREE SAMPLER 'USA's Best Trips: 7 Amazing Road Trips (A Sampler)' features seven of our all-time favorite excursions, excerpted from each of our seven Best USA Trips guides. This sampler offers a taste of the iconic sights, awe-inspiring beauty, and hidden gems that awaits along each region's highways. Jump in the car, turn up the tunes, and hit the road!

Inside USA's Best Trips: 7 Amazing Road Trips (A Sampler):

  • Get inspired - highlights, expert recommendations, gorgeous photography
  • Discover even more - detours, local secrets, walking routes, ways to link trips
  • Get around easily - full-color maps of featured routes, detailed directions, practical tips
  • Planning advice to help you design your ideal road trip


  • Michigan's Gold Coast (From USA's Best Trips)
    Caribbean-blue lake vistas, surfing beaches, dunes, wineries, orchards, Dutch kitsch, French colonial outposts
  • Zion & Bryce National Parks (From Southwest USA's Best Trips)
    Crimson monoliths, slot canyons, river walks, pioneer ruins, Old West kitsch, artisan galleries
  • Hudson Valley (From New York & the Mid-Atlantic's Best Trips)
    Breathtaking nature just beyond Manhattan, forested parks, historical sites, lavish Gilded Age mansions
  • Florida's Highway 1 (From Florida & the South's Best Trips)
    Fascinating history, dazzling white beaches, swamps and wildlife, colorful art-deco streets, Latin flavor
  • Pacific Coast Highways (From California's Best Trips)
    Iconic beaches, stunning cliffs, redwood forests, seafood shacks, prime sunset-watching spots
  • Highway 101 Oregon Coast (From Pacific Northwest's Best Trips)
    Quaint seaside towns, colorful tide pools, lighthouses, exhilarating ocean views
  • Coastal New England (From New England's Best Trips)
    Fishing villages, historic mansions perched at ocean's edge, whale-watching, maritime museums

There's More in Store for You:

  • Once you pick the region you want to explore, check out the related Best Trips guide for additional itineraries, detailed recommendations, and in-depth, expert planning advice. Each guide features around 30 of regional routes, from 2-day escapes to 2-week adventures. Whether exploring your own backyard or somewhere entirely new, Lonely Planet's USA Best Trips guides will ensure you have an amazing time.
  • Also, check out Lonely Planet's European Best Trips guides to Italy, France, and Ireland and our FREE SAMPLER 'Europe's Best Trips: 3 Amazing Road Trips' for more road trip inspiration.

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