"Shine: Why Don’t Moon Fairy & Sun Prince Live Together?" by Polona Kisovec

How to explain divorce to a child? A unique fictional story that explains divorce and separation to children and can be used as a guiding tool for all members of the family. If you want to raise happy children after divorce this children's book is a must have and suitable for all children aged 4 upwards. The fairy tale about two beings and their little Star is accompanied with engaging illustrations and a storyline which explains that separation is easier when two people can no longer live happily together and acknowledge that it isn't, and never was, the child's fault. The book explains that a child should never feel guilty and know that he or she is truly loved. Why you should read this book with your child?  The text and story-line answers the very tough question of "why don't mummy and daddy live together?" and provide a tool to engage discussion between parent and child, but can also be read by relatives, caters and friends of all ages. The story-line captures the happy times and gently explains that sometimes love wanes and people need to be apart in order to be happy but that it is never the fault of the child. 


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