"When Life Happens: Dare Stretch Prosper Becoming Your Best You...Despite Life's Difficulties" by Marion Montgomery

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Have you always wondered how to apply confidence and to employ the process of positivity to overcome challenges? ​Now you can conquer all the major setbacks in your life and rise above the circumstances threatening to crush you! When Life Happens is the special guide to turning your life around - ​it offers invaluable lessons in self-direction in a balanced way by teaching how to find “that something” in you. This book provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors, and building critical thinking skills. It also describes techniques for accepting, embracing, and learning from the experiences of life, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. Within the pages of this refreshing book, Marion dishes out techniques that are guaranteed to ignite your business, relationships, and life. It focuses on five strategies and 21 tips that help people to tap into their “that something” that will help them overcome life's obstacles with joy.


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