February 4, 2018

Begin Lightspeed Learning

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"Begin Lightspeed Learning: Simple Steps To Accelerate Your Learning Curve" by  J.R. Sewell

| Facebook | Win a Copy | Having trouble remembering things you just learned? Struggling with your productivity? Can't manage your time efficiently? Discover the book which will put you ahead while everyone is scrambling to catch up. Begin Lightspeed Learning breaks down all the vital points in the productivity, learning and recollection process to help you retrain your mind. Through the incorporation of step-by-step strategies and thorough explanations, this guidebook will help you unlock your potential and prepares you to achieve any aspirations. In Begin Lightspeed Learning, you'll discover: How to master your productivity How to speed up your learning How to maximize your memory How to recall any set of numbers Time management tactics and so much more! [divider height="30" style="default" line="default" themecolor="1"]  
February 4, 2018

Love Song

"Love Song" by  IPJaya

Gabriel and Lucian cross paths for the first time on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and fall in love. She fly's back to London only to be gripped by the heartache of leaving him behind. Against all odds the miracle power of their love continues to bring them back together again and again, but will it prove once and for all, to pass the death defying moment of truth?


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