"Self Growth: Discover How Easy It is!" by Ron Millicent

•Increase your self-confidence with simple understanding on what makes you tick, and what makes you unique. It will be ridiculously easy!  1.What if you could find insights that are so impactful that you become a new person just by knowing them? 2.Imagine your self confidence soaring just by adapting new approaches to all those things that keep happening to you? 3.How would your life be different if those `things` that bother you – all of a sudden became – not important? You’re about to discover how you can smile, maybe even chuckle, while gaining self-growth and a relaxed self confident attitude on just about everything.  The insights are impactful, and the laughs are many. It is a kaleidoscope of life, and the many varied experiences are some that you will be able to identify with – easily!.  There is an BONUS Quick Start Workbook included. No need to take notes, no need to jot down main points: It does it all for you in a thought provoking manner. It is that rare combination of `insight` and easy fun reading.


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