"The Tales of Kamaran" by Ethan Kane

Is there really a Bermuda Triangle? Was there really an Atlantis? How come, after decades of high-tech searching and hundreds of millions of dollars spent, we have never been able to connect with any Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence? Is it mere coincidence that most of the ancient civilizations (along the Nile, the Tigris-Euphrates and the Indus Valley) started around 3000 BCE? 43 years ago, a 17-year-old thought hard and long about these and other questions. He saw that they might all be connected, so he wrote an epic, The Tales of Kamaran to provide the answers. In 5 connected stories, the full picture emerges of what happened several millennia ago, and the implications for us today. He kept it unpublished for decades, afraid that the world would be angry at him for what he was thinking. He is no longer afraid. You should not be afraid either. Read and see if the truth is hidden in this fantastic book.


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