"Secret Saga of Planet Paril: Rise of the evil god (Vol 1)" by Snehal Kamble

| Facebook | This book is perfect for the fans of Harry Potter, Eragon, Games of throne and Lord of the rings. For all the dragons and mermaid lovers this planet has some unique stories for you to read.  Paril is flourishing with its millions of magnificent creations. Peace and serenity fills up in the air in all the directions. Animals and humans were all alike, stay side by side on Paril. Fear, hesitation, doubt, enmity and everything which acts against peace has no sign on Paril.  However, the fate of Paril is about to change as it faces the rise of a mysterious, all powerful evil god, king ‘Volzair’. He had defined the rules and has set a conquest to conquer the whole of Paril. 


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