"Auraman the Beginning" by B.E. STARLIGHT

| Facebook | From the psychedelic mind of B.E STARLIGHT comes a new hero: AURAMAN; A being of solidified light, born to a barren couple, with the assistance of the famed Dr. Bearlight, a fertility expert and a mystic, who introduces them to the “Singularity of thought” and a new reproductive process called “Aurafusion”. The Doctor disappears at the completion of the unusual conception, and imparts the new born child with unfathomable abilities Glenda, a Nano technology expert, and Osiris, a Parapsychology researcher, embark on a mission to scientifically validate paranormal, and supernatural claims, thus, setting the stage for mankind’s warm welcome of their son’s eventual emergence into the world scene. The story takes place in New York City during the early 90’s and reaches its crescendo during the Christmas holiday season of 2012 As one wondrous event follows another in an incredible pace, the final battle between good and evil stunningly unfolds, while earth existence and humanity’s own survival hangs in the balance. This book was written for , people of faith and those without, trekkers and Star Wars fans, yoga and meditation practitioners, seekers of spirituality and all of you who continuously ponder what it would be like to possess the powers of a god. "Peace" B.E. STARLIGHT


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