"They Call Us The Combative Ones: The Relationship Between Brave Adult Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers And The Abusive Workplace Environments We Are Forced To Eventually Confront" by BLACK CAT

When we demanded justice they call us "combative" Then they call us all liars like the injustice isn't supposed to make us angry and reactive We are daughters of narcissistic mothers so we know all about those dismissive tactics We know all about the enabling, the complicity, and deception because we've lived it Our mothers and the abuse and harassment deniers there are equally as dismissive The same amnesia that our mothers caught that made them permissive Is the exact same strain that agency contracted making them complicit The Black Cat Daughters are very, very familiar with these types of denial mechanics Because we survived it! We say it did And the enablers who protect the guilty always say it didn't And often times it's the disabled women who endure the most workplace abuse and harassment Somebody has to be their advocate So follow me down Security Boulevard and I'll tell you what really happened…Let's go!


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