"Till The Ink Is Done" by Ely J. Rodriguez

| YouTube | Instagram |  A true poet or singing artist may experience writers block or may stop writing due to a tragic event. However, their soul has such a great amount of passion or fiery for their craft; they cannot cease. When a passionate artist, poet, or motivational speaker writes a verse, quote, or poem, and it's meant to be released to the world, whether it be about a personal experience, event seen on the news, a reflection of their environment, or what's being displayed on the internet, it doesn't matter if the writer expresses themselves via electronic devices or ink it on paper. The importance of conveying that influential message becomes such a priority, it almost feels like a news reporter reporting a headline that may touch the lives of people watching. Till The Ink Is Done is a book with collections of influential poems and quotes that speak messages that touch our lives as humans everyday, from struggles, betrayal, relationships, working hard, successes, self achievement, and overcoming the odds like the 300 Spartan men that fought their enemies in Thermopylae. 


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