"When a Man Made Me Angry" by Mariena Allen

| Website | Twitter | You’ve met a new man and romance is beyond ecstatic! The vibe between both of you is one of a kind, but you’ve been warned! The excitement of marriage is unlike any feeling when you’re in love... daddy’s responsibility is to protect his little girl from sexual predators, yet he preys on her innocence. You’re wife #3, so what are your expectations from him? If you live long enough, eventually you might meet someone who lives to cause you harm. Some are obvious with their intentions. They count on your generosity and take advantage of your lack. Too bold and full of themselves, they hide their agenda. They take advantage of you using every manipulative method possible. Whether it’s pleasuring them, taking your money or your time, you pay with every grain of your existence! As you clean yourself up from your misgivings, be it personal or otherwise, you blame yourself for being a willing participant. You…blame…yourself.


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