"L-A-M-A Lessons" by Judy McKee

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn| Kindle | How to use the LAMA TECHNIQUE to teach and train yourself for whatever you want. Learn to attract what you want. Learn to Listen to your own inner self. The LAMA Technique is used worldwide by Communications Experts in every arena of business. The technique is based on Judy McKee experience trainer herself to sell, get the career she wanted and bringing up the kids to be good citizens of the world. All the stories she tells are here for you to use and learn.  Master this and you will master your life. There are many stories including the Jimmy Story, this is the one used in every training program ever given by McKee Consulting because it was the epiphany that taught Judy to “make other people right and smart to work with her. It’s an easy read, all stories that have a purpose and it’s fun. 


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