"The First Fallen" by Tobias Shoemaker

During a Sunday morning service, armed intruders storm a crowded cathedral and unleash a nightmare of death and destruction. But the killers have not come for money. They seek a more valuable prize hidden in its depths, an ancient scroll with the ability to unleash Armageddon upon our world. God help those who cross detective Michael Stratton, especially when his family’s life is at stake. Investigating the cathedral theft Michael uncovers an insidious conspiracy in the heart of America’s capital. But when his sister is found murdered and his wife and daughter abducted, his vendetta becomes personal. With the lives of his loved ones on the line, Michael will find himself caught in the infernal cross-hairs of an ancient conflict, a battle formed by murder, human sacrifice, and a terrifying secret held by a ruthless organization bent on world domination.


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