"The #1 Job In America: Your path to Financial Freedom in the Job category with the Most openings, income and flexibility" by Ron Metrakos

Discover How to Enjoy True Equality in a High-Paying Part-Time or Full-Time Job Category Regardless of Your Age, Gender or Race. Imagine earning more income than some doctors or lawyers without requiring a college degree.  Vigorously challenges readers to examine this essential question: What is the #1 Job in America with the highest number of postings, high income opportunities and flexible work schedules? Discover why the #1 Job Category in America is in such high demand and how you can get hired, part-time or full-time, anywhere in America. Limitless opportunities to earn the money you deserve with the flexibility of working conditions and benefits. Learn why most employers need to fill these positions regardless of economic or geographic conditions and how to get hired. This book is for anyone with the curiosity to learn how this powerful profession became the #1 Job in America and how it can benefit almost everyone. Even people already working in this profession will learn new ideas and methods to take their career to the next level. 


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