"Tim" by Soren Paul Petrek

| About Author | Website | For the most part, Tim is living up to expectations—his parents’ and his own. He’s in college, making good grades, and having dorm-room sex with a girl both beautiful and brainy. But he’s coming to realize it’s no longer enough. He can’t continue ranking everything else, including his father’s ambition, above the one thing that matters most to him: his art. Reviews: "Well invented story that could be real." I enjoyed this book and was able to get to the end quickly! Even though Tim takes on an adventure very few have, he is very grounded and relatable. The characters along the way are amusing as well. It will bring you back to the time of turning that corner into adulthood.~Andrea Flan "Amazing trip across America - with a twist." A feel-good journey of discovery -surprising for our times! A must read for any young adult questioning their path in life.~ljdoone


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