"Downhome Memories: Picking Cotton For Lunch Money" by Sophia Litman Jeffries

| Website | Facebook | Dowhhome Memories: Picking Cotton For Lunch Money, is a coming of age novel about the children in the Jones’ household growing up during the racially turbulent 1960s'.  Through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Velma Louise Jones, and her family, we experience the complexities and nuances of integration as it weaved its way into the fabric of the Negro community. We watch drama unfold as Velma interacts with her family, friends and community, and picks cotton for the first time to gain a sense of independence. Moreover, we experience the ever-changing life cycles of the large, three-generation extended, Jones’ Family.  What happens when a black family discovers that they share common ancestors with one of the richest white families in town? 


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