"Soul of the Planet" by Kirk Warden

In the year 2100, Earth discovered a potential unlimited clean energy source called mineral 7. The gold rush began and so did the wars. In a last-ditch effort to save the planet from imploding, Space Force launched a fleet to search for the precious mineral 7 and to bring Earth back from the brink of destruction. It took 100 years! The new generation of colonists, born in space, prepare to return home. When Captain Ahlem and his brother Willas encounter an unexpected enemy on a routine mining expedition, they are surprised to find that it—rather, she—is not as it seems. Hesh, the beautiful but deadly Afrocentric commander from the Mitzrah, a rogue enemy from the shadows of space. Held captive by the colonist, her loyalty is tested as she is betrayed by her own kind threatening the one thing she truly cares for. The crew is faced against an inexplicable evil and mysterious prophecy to unravel, they decide to trust their captive enemy to unravel a dark plot and a dark power they may never understand.  This is an introduction to one of the many books in the Soul of the Planet universe. Get lost in the deep lore and history of the future of mankind. An epic adventure awaits!


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