"The Directional Intention: The Art Of Being In Harmony With The Indivisible" by Imad A. Fadol

This short book cuts through the invisible thread that connects our hopes, dreams, and intentions to the modern definition of Quantum theory, through ancient historical practices, where they revert towards the direction of the Indivisible. The aim of this book is to enable you to initiate a contact with the Indivisible by all means to create the necessary balance for attaining your ultimate dreams, hopes, and grace. Throughout this book, it’s always going to start with you. What you do in life for yourself and for others is what matters, not what you think, say, or even believe. If you understand this, I invite you to listen when there is nothing but silence, because it is in the silence where everything is created. This is one of the highly effective Spiritual Awakening books for anyone interested in knowing more about the other realm.


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