"Emotional Seduction" by Steven Sullivan

How to Use Psychology to Attract and Seduce Your Partner - Feelings and Emotions Emotional seduction is more powerful than sexual or physical seduction, especially if you're talking about having a very intimate, deeply satisfying and long-lasting romantic relationship. Before you even consider seducing your man physically, consider seducing him emotionally first. Why? It's akin to building a house on solid rock. Focusing on physical or sexual seduction first is like building your relationship on shifting sands. In this book, you'll learn what emotional seduction is and, more importantly, 2 very powerful principles that you can use to really increase your chances of being able to successfully seduce the man you desire on an emotional level. And aside from the 2 powerful principles, I'll also share practical tips on how you can use the 2 principles as well as other practical tips outside of those principles that can help you hook your man emotionally and live happily ever after. 


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