"Protector of Eden: Awakened" by L.H.Bondi

For as long as she can remember sixteen year old Serina can tap into the energies given off by objects. Old houses are her favorite. They draw her in, speaking to her, telling her their secrets as if they have a life of their own.  After a great great grandmother, she never knew, passes away leaving her a plantation home located deep in the Louisiana bayous. Serina couldn’t be more curious. If her mother had been so close to her grandmother then why was she never talked about? Why had she never met her? And why the mysterious worried glances every time she would ask about the home? Once in Louisiana she finds herself thrust into a ancient battle in a world she never knew existed. A world where an ongoing battle between protectors and demonic creatures has been fought since the beginning of time. With demonic activity on the rise Serina will need to find the strength in herself to overcome her insecurities, and become the powerful protector she was born to be. Keeping all the pure souls in Eden safe. One pure soul in particular has unknowingly stolen her heart. But with so much uncertainty surrounding them can she trust him. And are their worlds too far apart? 


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