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"Into Colors" by Trevor James

How are you? This is the question that for most of us will remain unanswered by the simple utterance of "I'm fine". This book is a testament to the inner lives that we all lead and how we are all colored in by so much more than what is socially acceptable or even helpful to talk about to most people. It is my most sincere hope that the experiences realized in this book resonate with the longing to more honestly answer this question and help to soothe those who are in need of love, compassion, or commiseration. Although the content of this book is set to follow the Mire family, a fictional family trying to confront this very issue, it is my hope that the author's own personal experiences -- the one's that engender these themes will serve to satisfy the reader and clearly illustrate the importance of why we all need people to talk to -- people who will listen and understand. This book is meant to say and share the things I always wanted to say when, wearing the weight of my smile, I said, "I'm fine". I dedicate this book to my dearest friend and mentor Chuck who always asked, who always cared. It is my greatest ambition that this book could evoke his warmth and affection. Thank you