"Self Discipline: Build Momentum To Succeed, Disciplining The Mind And Body" by Reuben Yarde

| Facebook | Twitter | Use These Effective Self Discipline Secrets To immediately Stop Procrastination And Eliminate Stress And Anxiety Today!! How productive are you every single day? Take a few moments and honestly think about the answer to that question. If you have a lot of tasks to do, but only accomplish half of them, then you’re not as productive as you honestly could be. Why is this? Do you procrastinate on things? Do you find ways to waste time? Do you lack the self-discipline that you need in order to focus and get things done? If you answered yes to all of these questions,then this is the book for you! “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu You’re about to embark on a journey of your own. This one will give you tools and tips to begin moving in the right direction – towards being self-disciplined. We’ll help you stop procrastinating. You need to take that single step on a journey towards getting more done every single day. You are now on your way to making new, productive habits. “I could never have done what I did without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.” – Charles Dickens Here is a preview of what you receive -How to Build discipline and stop procrastination. -How do you start these new habits? -Why do you procrastinate? -You Are Afraid to be Less Than Perfect. -The best thing to do in order to halt procrastination. -Tools you can use. -Time management techniques.

And Much, Much, More!!