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"The 20-Minute Focus Plan: A Simple Set of Rituals to Banish Distraction, Gain Clarity and Enhance Productivity" by Elise Moreau

WARNING: Your Brain Is Stopping You from Achieving Your Goals And You Don’t Even Know It! Do you struggle to get any substantial work done? Do you frequently find yourself picking up your phone, staring off into space, or Googling something trivial when you should be focused and concentrating on what you know is important to you? To get laser-focused on your work, it takes more than putting distractions out of sight and forcing yourself to stop procrastinating. Because let’s face it—even if you turn all your phone notifications off, you’re still going to be pulled into checking them! Why is that? The answer is simple… Your brain actually WANTS to be distracted! It wants to be distracted by the things that it thinks will either bring you pleasure or relieve emotional pain.