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Welcome to the world of Adora Amadi, a beautiful young girl coming of age in present-day Nigeria and learning to navigate the world on her own terms. In the process, she encounters a dashing stranger whose world collides with hers leading to tumultuous changes that she never anticipated. Poised on the precarious threshold of womanhood and innocence, beautiful Adora Amadi has arrived at a crossroad in her life. The scholarship that she recently won would propel her into one of the most prestigious graduates schools in the country, located in the fast-paced city of Lagos; but it would also mean leaving the protective cocoon of her beloved family - that is if her iron-willed father relents on his belief that Lagos is an urban jungle where his only daughter will probably fall into the wrong hands.
Her family is still haunted by the sudden death of her mother in a tragic car crash that leaves her father intent on obliterating the very essence of his being. A leading surgeon  in the small metropolis of Enugu, Adora's father Dr. Chidi Amadi has decided to bury himself along with his wife - that is, bury himself in his work and ignore the emotional needs of his children, while constantly  pushing them to be replicas of himself - high achievers. Adora has been engaged in a losing battle to extricate her father from the bleak world where he has locked himself as an escape from dealing with the debilitating pain caused by his wife's untimely death. Now she is faced with the looming prospect of leaving him and her two brothers who need her now more than ever.