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"Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 & 10 With Alexa: Everything You Should Know From Beginner To Advanced" by William Seals

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 & 10 From Beginner To Advanced The book gives you the story of the Amazon Kindle Fire and how it evolved into what it is today with the latest of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 and 10. It takes you from the inspiration and inception of the Kindle family line and how this branched out into the Kindle line: the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Keyboard, the Kindle DX, and finally to the Kindle Fire family which is the subject of this book. The original Kindle fire model was launched in September 2011 and became the first generation of this model. This evolved into three models: the Fire tablet, Fire HD, and Fire HDX. The Fire HD evolved into eight generations, changing in sizes and adding on features with each generation. You will be able to get to know your Kindle Fire with the description of its design, software, and reception. The latest generation of Fire HD 8 and 10 captures the market with its hands-free Alexa and Echo Show features. You may have these features from the same devices of other brands, but what beats the competition is Amazon’s offer of affordable price. Once again, Amazon heads the market with the introduction of the Echo Show Mode. The Show Mode is designed to give you a rich visual experience, even when you glance on it from across the room. Another wonder added to the Fire HD tablets is Alexa – Amazon’s digital assistant which interacts through voice commands. Alexa came with the Echo, but the two are distinct. The book briefly explains the relationship between Alexa and Echo and breaks down Alexa to give you a picture of how Alexa works. With Alexa on Fire HD 8 and 10, tasks become easy. You can create a hub with your Alexa on Fire Tablet, connecting other smart home devices using your voice as control. Home tasks become fast and convenient for you. Setting up and using Alexa on your Fire tablet is easy. The book presents an easy-to-follow guide to help you with the set up. In addition it is chockfull on information that should help you get the most out of your Amazon Kindle Fire devices.