May 31, 2019

Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child

"Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child: A Complete Guide" by Linda May

As parents, we all want to raise confident children who thrive. Yet for decades, parenting experts had it all wrong as they believed that confidence and self-esteem could be boosted by praising children with words such as ‘You’re smart’ and ‘Well done’. Extensive research done in the last decade shows that this can be detrimental and even damaging to children. Other research shows that self-esteem comes from the ‘inside out’ rather than from the words we choose to use when communicating with our children. This book will help you understand the process of raising a self-confident child and improve yourself as a parent. "Raising A Brave and Self-Confident Child" is a complete guide to your adventure called "parenting". 


May 30, 2019

Wall Street Peeping

"Wall Street Peeping: An Average Person's Guide to Stock Market Riches" by Thomas Varkey 

Would you like to understand the stock market and how an ordinary person can get rich in it? Are you confused as to what Wall Street actually is and how it can generate consistent income? “Wall Street Peeping: An Average Person's Guide to Stock Market Riches” is written to give you an in-depth view of the Stock market from an average person’s point of view. Inside, author Thomas Varkey reveals how average investors and ordinary people from all walks of life can easily start making money investing in the stock market. Investing in stocks is an excellent way to make additional income even if you don't have any trading experience, but first someone has to show you the ropes. This practical guide breaks down the basics of how the financial markets work in simple, non-technical terms as well as what it takes for you to start making actual investments successfully. Whether your goal is get a solid head-start in the world of finance, unravel the mysteries of the Wall Street or you simply want to know how to invest and reap steady rewards in the stock market as a beginner, this book is filled with all the information you need to achieve consistent success in the stock market. Inside this book, you’ll discover: • What Wall Street is and the skills you need to become a successful trader even if you have no financial market experience • How companies raise money from the stock market and why prices fluctuate • How to use fundamental analyses and technical analyses to enter a trade • How to become a stock trader and ways to enter the market as a beginner • And more? Generating additional income in the booming stock market may seem impossible right now, but once you start taking advantage of the tips revealed in this book, you will have a better understanding of what Wall Street is, how it functions, why it is important, and how to invest in it safely and profitably.


May 29, 2019

The Persistence of Memory

"The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Déjà Vu" by Karen Janowsky 

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | When superheroes fall in love, anything can happen. Daniel Hecht doesn’t belong in this century. Catapulted into the present from 1943, he’s out of place and out of touch. Still, he was the American war hero called “Lionheart” and his heroism has followed him into the modern world. He now leads an underground group of superpowered misfits, but the misfit he keeps turning to is Nina Asher. Nina has a vast knowledge of history, yet no idea who she is or where she’s from. She has become the target of dangerous creatures that have appeared all over the world. As she and Daniel work to decipher an ancient, cryptic myth, they experience flashbacks to things that never could have happened. They are falling in love, but there’s something they’re sure they need to remember, and it’s keeping them apart. The key to saving the world may begin with the act of remembering.


May 28, 2019

Choice Is Yours – Pay Off Your Mortgage In 30 Years Or In 7 Years

"Choice Is Yours - Pay Off Your Mortgage In 30 Years Or In 7 Years: Proven Technique To Pay Off Your Mortgage Much Faster And Get You One Step Closer To Your Financial Freedom" by Sam Pant

If you want to build wealth, this is the book for you. Wealth building is a process which starts with a desire within you to create wealth. Next step is obtaining the right knowledge. Knowledge gives you confidence to act. These two parameters are useless if you do not take action, and are not persistent enough to stay the course. This book is mainly about a mortgage acceleration technique. This little known but proven technique can help you pay off your mortgage loan much faster and save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in mortgage interest. However, this is not the only intent of this book. Instead of pages after pages of lengthy verbiage, this book actually comes with a free DIY spreadsheet that you can download. In the spreadsheet, you can see, for yourself, how the claim in the book is backed by the numbers. You can also input the numbers those are more pertinent to your situation, check out the formulae and computational mechanism if interested, and make your own plan and payment schedule. It does not just end here. This book dissects the pros and cons of paying mortgage early and numerically compare early mortgage payment with alternative investment so you can choose the best course of action for you.