Athena’s Adventure in Imagination Place

Dragon’s Mate
December 8, 2019
Jinglebell Jane
December 13, 2019

“Athena’s Adventure in Imagination Place: Dragonfly Rock” by Pamela M. Williams

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Athena’s Adventure in Imagination Place tells the story of a compassionate nine-year-old whose kindness and sincere concern for others led her to a beautiful place where nobody before her had been and set her aside for an adventure of a lifetime. Athena’s adventure proved her to be what she had portrayed herself to be as she found herself lending a helping hand to a kid and also encouraging others to do the same when she was at the school in Imagination Place.

It is true that kids often wish the world was kinder and people did less evil, which is why the author ceases this opportunity to teach children that if we all learn to be compassionate and think about our neighbors and love them as much as we love ourselves, we can make the world the better place we so desire.

This lovely children’s book will not only entertain but open the mind of children to the wonderful life they could be living if they rid themselves of bullying, teasing, and other unkind acts children sometimes indulge. Indeed, this is a book your child should read.

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