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December 9, 2018

The Learning Driven Organization Model

"The Learning Driven Organization Model: An Ecosystem for Organizational Learning" by Alaa Garad , Jeff Gold

Have you ever thought of why companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Xerox are great companies and why they have sustained excellence over the years? Or why some countries like Finland, Norway, and Denmark have some of the best public services in the world, keeping them at the top of the world happiness index for decades? And why some individuals are achieving better results than others?  On the other hand, have you thought of why 50% of the Fortune 500 disappear every 10 years? Or why some countries stagnate in the same place for decades, sometimes becoming worse in every aspect? It is not only about leadership, not only about people, not about technology, and not just about fortune. So, what is it? 


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December 8, 2018

Single, Pitiful and Unlovable…Yeah Right!

"Single, Pitiful and Unlovable...Yeah Right!" by Jamie M. Sorenson

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Join Sarah along with her rescued pets as she does deep soul-searching to understand her journey through life. She has a great deal to figure out as she learns and grows through several failed relationships. She has amazing times as well as devastating lows, with unexpected betrayals from those closest to her, yet others love her more than she could have imagined. She is always learning, growing and refining her character as she is becoming the person she is meant to be while discovering her greatest purpose. In addition to being an amazing story, it is filled with no-nonsense relationship advice that we all need. A portion of the earning from the sale of Single, Pitiful, and Unlovable…Yeah Right! will be donated to animal rescue and rehabilitation.


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December 7, 2018

Cancer Free Emily

"Cancer Free Emily" by Tonja Vallin

Emily Blithe likes her life, she's a copywriter in Las Vegas for one of the top card companies in the country. Emily looks like she's finally found love with her boyfriend Collin and she adores working with her co-worker and graphic designer Cee Cee -- a woman who speaks her mind. But it all comes crashing down when Emily learns she has Stage III Breast Cancer. Not one to sit around feeling sorry for herself, Emily actively seeks out a mentor Atlas who's battled cancer not once, not twice but three times. She takes young Emily under her wing and inspires her like never before opening up a new world of possibilities. Emily faces her greatest fears and embraces some life lessons to become what she desperately wants to be, Cancer Free Emily.


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December 6, 2018

The Healing Point

"The Healing Point" by James Lilley

A highly effective, yet refreshingly honest approach to wellness with no pills or products to buy into. Combines holistic medicines with the ketogenic diet. This is the fast-track to a less stressed, more energized, healthier version of you! 10 things this book can show you - 
  1. How to manage pain without popping pills
  2. The fastest way to turn fatigue into energy 
  3. How to unleash the healing process by removing heavy metals from the body
  4. Where to find the cleanest foods (spoiler alert, they aren't in the organic section) 
  5. How to build a robust immune system that keeps sickness at bay  


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