Book of Month

May 21, 2019

Skylantern Dragons and the Monsters of Mundor

"Skylantern Dragons and the Monsters of Mundor: The Mundorian Chronicles" by Scott Taylor

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | Change is coming. A powerful force is at the gates and very little will halt it. A peaceful coalition maybe the only way out for the small kingdom of Mundor as it stands on the very cusp of annihilation. Whichever path is chosen a way of life will soon come to an end. Set in a world far beyond imagining, Mundor will take you on a journey to a realm of political intrigue and adventure, a world of mythic creatures, kings and warriors, and mighty mages. But best of all, you will come face to face with a young man whose journey of self discovery begins when he becomes a dragon!


May 19, 2019

National Guard: Intimidation Game

"National Guard: Intimidation Game" by M F Hassan

| Website | Facebook | The Singapore Schools’ National Guard is an organization for students and run by students encompassing the entire Singapore school system. Its role is to keep the peace among the student population, to promote a sense of belonging and fraternity among students, as well as to inculcate a sense of discipline and physical and moral well-being among students. However, the biggest youth gang in Singapore, the Tigers Eight, sees the rise of the National Guard as a direct threat to its very existence. Orders are sent out from the highest levels to engage the National Guard in a deadly game of intimidation....


May 18, 2019

Rainbow in My Room

"Rainbow in My Room" by Maiyang Saridjo

What a mess! It’s clean-up time!We remind our little ones to tidy up after they play with toys or do some messy art. Who would have thought cleaning up would be such fun?This joyful clean-up before bed time story will make children enjoy and appreciate a mess-free and colorful room, just like a rainbow!


May 17, 2019

How to get more Clout

"How to get more Clout: A proven formula for more influence with customers and colleagues one conversation at a time" by Peter J Anthony

Clout is your ability to be more successful by knowing how to get other people to achieve things with you. How to Get More Clout shows you a simple 6-step way to have conversations that get more done. You can use any of the steps to achieve more right away or use all six together to turbocharge your impact with colleagues and customers. What’s the most vital way for you to spend time in a sales role? If you said, ‘being face-to-face with my customers,’ you are right. But a better, more effective answer is, ‘influencing my customers when I meet with them.’ Everything else you do, from territory and account planning through to product knowledge and training, merely prepares you for the main event – the face to face customer conversation. The influence you have on your customers and stakeholders is the most valuable currency you have. That currency is called clout. What does it take to be brilliant at having clout? We communicate all the time, so why do we fail at it so often? It’s not a matter of being the smartest – there are plenty of smart people who find it challenging to understand a customer’s point of view. Neither is it knowledge – there are lots of people who know everything about a product or service, except how to explain it to you. It’s the difference between IQ, which is being smart with things, and EQ, which is being smart with people.