Book of Month

May 15, 2019

Take Control Of Your Life

"Take Control Of Your Life: Level-Up Your Emotional Intelligence: Improve Your Relationships and Raising Your EQ" by An Machado

You’re about to discover how to... Everything you’ve done up to this point has made you who you are and has accounted for many defining moments in your life. It is the integration of all these that has formed the totality of behavior, characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make up your personality. Yet, somewhere along the way, we have learned to hide the hardships we faced, the blemishes and scars we got and the obstacles we had to scale to get where we are. So, it is safe to say that in this game of charades called life, everyone shows the photoshopped version of their personalities. This is why most business owners don’t really tell you about their experiences back when they were just starting up. We’ve all been through different circumstances and situations that have allowed us to blossom or understand things we may have not been able to understand before – different eureka moments that have proved critical in the progress of our lives and these moments would not have been recognized or identified without at least a basic understanding of our Emotions, where they stem from, how to manage, use and misuse them and how to read the emotions of others.


May 14, 2019


"Cruishing: A Short Story" by Tom Caval

| Website | Go cruising with your crush is such a bad idea ... Hopeless romantic Matteo knows not to cross the line. Erik is his friend, and, therefore, forbidden zone. Besides, he is a well-known heartbreaker. But after a difficult break-up and too much time spent wallowing in his grief, he’s ready to step outside his comfort zone and try something new. A Sunday morning with his friend at London’s most sophisticated hotspot for eligible bachelors is the ideal place to have some fun. But Erik lives up to his reputation being a magnet for men and his flirtations spark jealousy in Matteo. As the day grows longer, the influx of new admirers threatens to blur the lines between his friendship with Erik and the attraction he shouldn’t feel for him. Will he let his true feelings be known or will he sit idly by and watch Erik do what he does best?


May 14, 2019

Os Passos

"Os Passos: 12 Segredos para as Crianças Prosperarem e Serem Felizes na Vida" by  Andrew Watson  (Author), Charles Watson

Quando Estela, uma jornalista de sucesso, depara-se com um menino de cinco anos que sabe ler melhor do que a maioria dos adultos, ela não imagina que sua vida mudará radicalmente. Intrigada com a grande habilidade do garoto, descobre que ele é acompanhado, na Clínica Despertar, pelo renomado neurocientista, doutor Michael Jansen, chamado também de “o mago dos bebês”. Lá, Estela toma conhecimento de Os Passos, um protocolo inovador, baseado nos avanços da neurociência e psicologia, que tem como proposta trabalhar temas fundamentais, tais quais o desenvolvimento da comunicação e da linguagem da criança, a leitura precoce, a criatividade, o autocontrole, a disciplina, os valores, entre outros, a fim de que tenham as ferramentas necessárias para promover o desenvolvimento cognitivo, psicomotor e afetivo do bebê, da criança e do adolescente. Dr. Michael Jansen resolve compartilhar com Estela Os 12 Passos contidos no protocolo. Nesse meio tempo, ela descobre que está grávida. Que melhor época poderia haver para descobrir se Os Passos realmente funcionam?


May 13, 2019


"Dragonette" by Linda Rodriguez

Over time, storytellers from neighboring villages gave her many names known as an angel other, a demon. The suppressive spirit in her confronted all battles between valorous and evil. She joins the Dragon Lord to stand by his side in battle and as a queen. Together they discover their destiny as warriors. The beacon of hope for the people to merge them into a force never expected. Her soul immersed in love and laughter from the heavens. With the determination and might from hell.