Book of Month

May 12, 2019


"GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS:: How Following FIVE Specific Rules Will Bring Success in Dating an Exotic Dancer" by Ty McLemore

The Strip Club . . . Its mere name evokes lust and excitement on a scale that is unimaginable. The thought of dating and bedding the array of beauties that occupy these establishments is beyond exhilarating. The competition is fierce, however, with hundreds or thousands of patrons competing for their affections on a daily or weekly basis. So what is the best way of scoring with one of these hotties? Applying my FIVE specific rules.


May 10, 2019

Pretty Fitness and Health Guide, Physiclal Activity and Healthy Foods vs Media Dependence and Poor Nutrition

"Pretty Fitness and Health Guide, Physical Activity and Healthy Foods vs Media Dependence and Poor Nutrition: Fitness and Health Guide" by Sam Wright

Consistent physical activity and eating right are the two parts of a healthy lifestyle. In this book, we will look at workout ideas, provide nutritional advice and discuss the benefits of exercise. Benefits (physical activity vs media) Adults spend on average 35 hours a week on media, children spend on average 49 hours a week. Reducing screen time for both groups has a huge inverse relation with physical activity. As screen time goes down physical activity goes up. The going trend to break the screen time habit is to start with a ten day period of zero screen time. That’s hard to do as an adult especially if work demands it, however, separating work activities from forms of entertainment is easily done. After the ten-day window is complete you hit the metaphorical reset button on your screen time habit and can slowly reintroduce it at levels you feel are in balance with a healthy lifestyle.


May 9, 2019

Workout Program Build muscles, weight loss, for beginners + Easy Recipes

"Workout Program Build muscles, weight loss, for beginners + Easy Recipes: Lose Weight Get Fit | Tips diet workouts & Weight loss exercises" by duante laurenti

Why To be Your own Personal Trainer Every person have a passion and a dream but other get the dream to become true. By the hard work the knowledge and the welling of success those people set plans work hard without backing down ,but some other people do not achieve their dreams , in this case you should identify the problem and solve it. It does not matter in which category or what is your dream or your job , what really matter how welling to achieve it and how much hard work you put in it. This book will help you to acquire knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals by talking about the write way to think and to acquire the life style you wanted. What is better than having a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals ?is to have the knowledge and the experience to train your self and keep tracking of your progress. It is important to be able to build your own program or workout plan to be able to achieve your goals in this book i am going to guide you thru how to prepare your self and to learn how you can do it.


May 8, 2019

Universal Compass

"Universal Compass" by Esme Louise Gray

Life can be confusing, it is very easy for us all to lose our way at some point. Esme Lou Gray has certainly taken some wrong turns in her life, the most poignant of which was to distance herself from her innate connection to spirit as a very young girl. Thirty years later, finding herself living in an increasingly materialistic and cynical world, she decided to return to the beliefs that she had felt compelled to ignore for most of her life. In doing so, she discovered a talent for channelling information from a higher source and decided to use that ability to ask some of the questions that, at some point or another, we would all like answers to including: How do we know if we are on the right path in life? Why are some prayers answered and others not? Do we still need belief? This short book contains answers to these questions and more. By reading it Esme Lou hopes that you too will be able to reconnect with your own Universal Compass and allow your soul to guide you towards your true purpose and a more fulfilling life.