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February 12, 2017

Superfoods: What are Superfoods? The Whole Truth About the Dietary Revolution of Superfoods



The best introductory course on Superfoods for beginners!

Have you ever wondered:
• What are Superfoods?
• Do they really work?
• What does science have to say about it?
• Which are the best Superfoods available?
• Where do I find them?
• What are Goji Berries?
• What are Chia Seeds
• What are the Cocoa Beans
• And many more...

This book has all the answers you are going to need.

This is the definitive beginner's guide on Superfoods.

Whatever you will need as a beginner about Superfoods, it is found in this book.

Have a look TODAY!

February 12, 2017

A LADY AND HER LORDS (Victorian Threesome): Historical Menage Romance

A LADY AND HER LORDS (Victorian Threesome): Historical Menage Romance

A LADY AND HER LORDS (Victorian Threesome): Historical Menage Romance Cybele Carrington is about to embark on her first unescorted trip to the countryside

Cybele is not the typical lady of her day. She holds a position at her family's publishing house and is still unmarried at 24 years old. Her family has of


February 11, 2017

Medical Dosage Calculations (11th Edition)


For courses in medical dosage calculation in departments of nursing, pharmacy, pre-med, pre-dental, and other health disciplines; and for courses covering dosage calculation in other programs, such as pharmacology, pediatrics and critical care.

The complete and user-friendly guide to safe drug dosage calculation
Fully revised for current practices and medication, Medical Dosage Calculations remains the field’s most complete, user-friendly and accessible drug calculation text and workbook. Using the dimensional analysis format it pioneered, students begin with simple arithmetic, progressing to the most complex drug calculations. As they develop mathematical skills for accurate dosage calculations, they also gain a thorough professional understanding of safe drug administration. Compared with competitors, our text contains deeper, more realistic problems, incorporating actual dosages and requiring real critical thinking.

February 11, 2017

Pimps Players and Hoes Coloring Book

"Pimps Players and Hoes Coloring Book: 25 Stress Relieving Sweary Words to Relax and Color " by Lucky Joe Johnson

Are you tired of being on the receiving end of smart-ass comments from coworkers, family and friends? Imagine how frustrated and stressed out you are left feeling as they happily go on their merry way. Hell no! That is totally unacceptable. It's time for you to take control of the situation and deliver that awesome and stunning response.