Book of Month

October 1, 2018

Alice’s Tales of the Other Side

"Alice’s Tales of the Other Side" by A’Mera Frieman

Alice's Tales of the Other Side is an exclusive Breaking the Line Books thrilling edition to entertain and enhance your living experience. A breathless collection of tales that will chill you to your bones! Alice's Tales of the Other Side are definitely not the usual ghost stories to read alone...and you know there's something strange when the author has to place a disclaimer inside! Have you ever had a supernatural experience that left you breathless and full of fear? Did you ever wonder what could be lurking in the dark shadows of the night? Alice's Tales of the Other Side is a book of spirit tales that will leave you answering those questions...and asking a few more. A'Mera Frieman shares stories passed from her mother, Alice, and some of her own on a journey of dark spirits, shadows, ghosts, graveyards, the dead, and things that go bump in the night. It's a book that will surely make your heart thump and your mind race!


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September 30, 2018

Let Your Money Do The Work

"Let Your Money Do The Work Vol.1 Handbook" by Levi Livingstone

28 pages practical handbook that will change the way you think about Jobs, money and wealth. This handbook will seek out the capabilities you possess in terms of your ability to develop and master a process that will help you create multiple sources of income. This Handbook will teach you a set of principles and processes of how to turn your monthly/weekly salary into big money. Based on a true story of the author's experience on how used these processes to make his first $1 million, starting from the usual office salary job and then grew it by allowing the money to do the work of making more money.


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September 29, 2018

Soul of the Planet

"Soul of the Planet" by Kirk Warden

In the year 2100, Earth discovered a potential unlimited clean energy source called mineral 7. The gold rush began and so did the wars. In a last-ditch effort to save the planet from imploding, Space Force launched a fleet to search for the precious mineral 7 and to bring Earth back from the brink of destruction. It took 100 years! The new generation of colonists, born in space, prepare to return home. When Captain Ahlem and his brother Willas encounter an unexpected enemy on a routine mining expedition, they are surprised to find that it—rather, she—is not as it seems. Hesh, the beautiful but deadly Afrocentric commander from the Mitzrah, a rogue enemy from the shadows of space. Held captive by the colonist, her loyalty is tested as she is betrayed by her own kind threatening the one thing she truly cares for. The crew is faced against an inexplicable evil and mysterious prophecy to unravel, they decide to trust their captive enemy to unravel a dark plot and a dark power they may never understand.  This is an introduction to one of the many books in the Soul of the Planet universe. Get lost in the deep lore and history of the future of mankind. An epic adventure awaits!


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September 27, 2018

Plant Based Diet For Beginners

"Plant Based Diet For Beginners: 40 Days Program To Have A Healthier, Energetic, Youthful Body, Fun And Straight Forward Approach For All Ages (Weight Loss ... ,Nutrition, Burn Fat, Crush Your Cravings)" by Ella Morallos

Start the 40 days program today and find out the easy secret to convert your health and live a prosperous life This book has actionable information on how to follow a plant based diet for up to 40 days to ensure you have a healthier, energetic and youthful body.  The plant based diet is increasingly becoming popular thanks to the many good things that come with following such a diet such as better weight loss, heart health, remedy for hypertension, type II diabetes, inflammation as well as high blood cholesterol among other things.  Whatever your reason is for following a plant based diet, I know it can feel overwhelming to go all in; how are you going to live without animal products like meats, eggs, dairy and others when they are necessary ingredients in many of the foods we take today?  Well, the truth is that it will take quite a bit of adjusting to follow a plant based diet fully. However, with the help of this book, you will soon get all in within just 40 days! This book will provide an easy to follow, systematic approach on how to follow a plant based diet to ensure you succeed at it.  Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn... Day 1-Day 7: Add To Your Diet Day 7-Day 14: Start Transitioning Day 14-Day 21: Fully Transition Day 21-Day 28: Upgrade The Diet Day 28-Day 40: Develop Supporting Habits Plant Based Diet Recipes To Get You Started And Much ,Much More