Book of Month

March 5, 2019

Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You

"Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You" by  Kofi Ofori-Boateng

We were created to serve each other, man AND woman. We both have gifts to offer each other which can only have true impact when that service is allowed by its intended recipient. Notes To My Sister, Let Him Serve You is a frank perspective on how a man is supposed to serve the woman in his life when he has been permitted to do so by her, with the underlying theme being that a man is only able to serve her when he is allowed so. In this, his first published book, Kofi speaks not only to women but to men too; encouraging men to serve and the women they love to allow them to.


March 1, 2019

The Law of Attraction

"The Law of Attraction: A Simple Guide to Manifest Anything in Life and Attract Abundance, Wealth, Health and Happiness" by Rudsel Cameron

| Website | FacebookInstagram | YouTube | Everything in our universe vibrates at a certain frequency and is composed of energy! Your emotions and feelings make up your emotional state and that emotional state is full of energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Your emotional state influences your thoughts, attitude, behavior and decisions, which obviously shapes your life. Therefore, if you are sad, you are likely to think negatively and maybe take an irrational decision that may not favor you much. However, if you are happy, you are likely to think positively and make a better decision. To manifest what you want in life, you can easily harness the unimaginable power of the law of attraction. You just need to get your energy and thoughts in tune with the universe, know what you want and repeatedly ask for it, and obviously take meaningful actions to draw those things towards yourself. It will take you some time and bam; you will have everything you ever wanted right in front of your eyes. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Law Of Attraction 101 Be Clear On What You Want Eliminate Things From Your Life That Keep You From Fulfilling Your Goal


February 28, 2019

Carolina Dance

"Carolina Dance" by Alex Cage

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | Read First 5 Chapters Free | A DETACHED EX-SPECIAL FORCES CAPTAIN A SLICK CRIMINAL OPERATION AND A RIDE THROUGH CORRUPTION, KIDNAPPING, AND MURDER… Ex-Special Forces captain Orlando Black strives to live a normal life in the Carolinas. But that all changes when trouble drives down his street, the kind that puts him in handcuffs — not what he had in mind when he moved here. No one is eager to fill him in or hear what he has to say. All Black knows is he did nothing wrong, and the chances of convincing anyone are slim at best. On this day, in the Carolinas, maybe even impossible.


February 26, 2019

The Adventures of Joseph Martin

"The Adventures of Joseph Martin" by Alex Forest

Joseph Martin is a mischievous, brilliant, and charming guy who steals not only for his own gain, but for the subsequent good of others. The stories in this book are a compilation of situations in which he demonstrates his ability to disguise himself, pull off impressive thefts, cleverly elude the police, solve riddles, and steal whatever catches his attention. Sequential in nature, the stories can be enjoyed as standalone tales too.