Book of Month

December 1, 2018

Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur

"Become A Successful Online Entrepreneur" by Keke H

I am sure you have read and heard success stories about different people becoming successful on line entrepreneurs overnight. You might have also thought about becoming one yourself, but often wondered if you possessed the skills or ideas to become a successful online entrepreneur. This is a valid doubt and when you begin to discuss the doubts, you will find your hidden skills and talents, which have not seen the light of day in all these years. In this present age of ever-changing technology, the best way to help you become a successful online entrepreneur is to take full advantage of the internet which has broken all geographical boundaries.


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November 30, 2018

Self Improvement Training

"Self Improvement Training: 9 Ways to Train Yourself and Build an Awesome Life, Practical Tips" by Rudsel Cameron

| FacebookInstagram | YouTube | This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to train yourself and build an awesome life. Let me guess…you want to be healthier…lose weight…have the best life…be more friendly…make more money and generally just have an awesome life.  Well, chances are, two months from now you will still be in the same spot; wishing for better health, income, life and all those other things. This is because most of us are not equipped to achieve life goals. In fact, research has it that less than 8% of the population in the world achieves their goals each year. So what does it take to have an awesome life? The short answer is you need to make the time to improve yourself. Just as tree experts spend a lot of time sharpening their axe so that their tree cutting exercise can be successful, that’s the same way you need to spend a lot of time improving yourself to achieve great success in life. In this guide, I will show you how you can develop yourself and live the kind of life you desire. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... - Meditation, How To Practice Meditation, Practical Tips - Schedule Your Priorities, Define Your Priorities, Practical Tips - Create Rituals For ‘Peak’ State, Practical Tips on How to Get into a Peak State - Chunking, Cut the activities into a specific time-box - Gratitude, Account for compliments, Practical Tips


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November 28, 2018

The Canons of Evolution

"The Canons of Evolution" by Askar Iskenderov, Nurserik Kudereev

New Physics. Climate Threats. A New Theory of Everything. In the book, The Canons of Evolution, the authors analyze the contradictions of modern scientific theories and, together with the reader, build an evolutionary theory of climate in the context of the general theory of evolution, as well as the hypothesis of the Solar System formation – the emergence of the world from the chaos of the vortex first beginning – based on new physics postulates. One of the book’s main tasks is to understand the true cause of climate change and present the authors’ vision of the theory of everything to the world.


November 23, 2018

Jungle Friends

"Jungle Friends: 5-minutes Stories About Friendship, Kindness and Sharing" by Laure K. Fossi

| Website | YouTube | Jungle Friends: 5-Minute Stories about Friendship, Kindness and Sharing is a collection of 5 books of short stories that young children will love. Perfect for bedtime reading, it will instill many important values in your child and inspire them to emulate Eli and his friends. In this book, you will not only read about the fun, laughter and games of Eli and friends, but you will also learn about the importance of sharing and the value of being kind and loyal to your friends. In this delightful children's book, Eli finds that the jungle is full of new and fun friends to play games with and enjoy one another’s company. He soon learns that each animal is different in their own way but have their own characteristics too.


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