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November 11, 2018

The Mothers Manual

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"The Mothers Manual: Your Kids Wont Be Delivered With A Manual, Here is Your Copy" by Liu Yang

| UK Amazon | US Amazon | DE AmazonFacebook | The Mother’s Manual is a practical handbook on parenting children from birth to 5 years old. It provides easy-to-apply tips and practical tools that parents can adapt in their life to deal with some of the most common issues that crop up in those early critical years based on the latest research in child psychology, neuroscience on the understanding of children’s brainwave pattern and its implications to children’s behaviour. Parents will be able to understand and experiment alternatives to time-outs on naughty steps or feeling frustration themselves; instead use simple and direct suggestions to observe miraculous changes in children’s behaviour to how the parents want. Raising happy and confident children should be an enjoyable part of the parenting process. We all know that a job is easy to do once you have discovered the secrets to how. This book also serves as a go-to reference book with quickly learn and apply simple strategies and easy-to-follow explanations of children’s developmental stages to guide parents through the daily challenges effectively to create the family life they desire.


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November 9, 2018


"Rekindled" by Marcella Swann

| Website | Facebook | So you tell me this: Why would I ever, ever, EVER give my heart to that bad boy … again? Yeah, he’s sexy as hell. Yeah, he’s got more money than God. Yeah, he always takes what he wants. But no way I’m falling for his act. We were high school sweethearts. We were gonna spend our lives together. But he left; got the hell outta Dodge. Now he’s back. A devil in a tailored blue suit. Sh^^ he’s hot. He’s a raptor from the bright lights, big city and he’s on the hunt to take over the last manufacturing plant left in our hometown. Like it’s some kind of freakin’ 8-point buck for his fancy New York City digs. I run that plant. So, basically, he wants to own me. No way. I’m gonna fight him. But what if I lose? What if he takes the plant ... and me?


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November 8, 2018

10 Daily Movements to Save Your Back

"10 Daily Movements to Save Your Back: A Healthy Habits Series" by Chad A. Armijo

As a Pilates Instructor, personal trainer, and lower back sufferer, I have created this guide of movements to stretch, strengthen, and help realign the lower back. I see individuals daily that have issues with their lower back and they come to me for relief. After years of suffering from lower back issues myself and using my knowledge to help others, I have compiled the 10 best movements to use daily to help the lower back.  These are the same movements that I use and teach every day to help myself and my clients. These movements are comprised of years of research and a lot trial and error. They consist of various movements from functional training, Pilates, and movement pattern research. The guide has been created for daily use which means that energy exertion is low for most and the level of difficulty is minimal. It comes with detailed instructions as well as illustrations of each movement. All movements have been tested over time on a variety of body types and physical considerations. This book is not a quick fix, it is a tool designed to help repair the lower back over time and through consistent daily use. It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting a new workout regimen.


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November 7, 2018

An Obsession of a Widow

"An Obsession of a Widow" by  Joshua Henshall

| Website | Twitter | One morning, a recovered alcoholic widow and single mother Sarah Renshaw, wakes up to hear her five-year-old son declare he was once a girl from a past life. But is there something here to be understood? Or, is there something more sinister to explain this ordeal? Sarah’s life attracts more complications when her husband’s best friend (David Norcross) returns to the city for the first time in four years. Despite not being able to prove it, he is the man who she accuses of killing her husband. During her quest to unravel her son’s reincarnation story, Sarah gives in to David’s recurrent attempts to explain his behaviour before he ran out of town. Are his explanations legitimate? Or, has she fallen for the obsessive man she formerly thought he was? Follow Sarah’s gauntlet of hassle and turmoil as she becomes a victim of deceit & betrayal.


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