Book of Month

May 24, 2019

My Sanity is Mine to Keep

"My Sanity is Mine to Keep" by Judion Smith

| Website | Amazon UK | Meet Paul and Helen, as well as John and Margaret, two couples suffering the same fate. Both wanted to have children, but life happened. Leaving the blissfulness of America to live in hopeful England, they both desired newness and hoped for a change that will favour them. However, something happened when one of the husband's newly-found love, alcohol, caused him to commit the most despicable and immoral act against the wife of the other. How will they move on from a situation that could possibly hold everyone involved captive? Can both marriages weather the storm? Will their sanity remain intact?


May 23, 2019

Gardienne de maison

"Gardienne de maison Books 1 and 2: A British Woman's Diary of House Sitting in France" by A Wanderer

| Amazon UK | The first and second diaries of a British woman house sitting in France. From house sitting in a remote mountain village to the golden shores of Guernsey. From lost cats to neurotic dogs, from crazy house owners to new friends. Learning French language and culture, rural landscapes, coasts, islands and city sunsets. This is a book of adventures and the struggle to integrate with a new language and way of life, paperwork and all.


May 21, 2019

Skylantern Dragons and the Monsters of Mundor

"Skylantern Dragons and the Monsters of Mundor: The Mundorian Chronicles" by Scott Taylor

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | Change is coming. A powerful force is at the gates and very little will halt it. A peaceful coalition maybe the only way out for the small kingdom of Mundor as it stands on the very cusp of annihilation. Whichever path is chosen a way of life will soon come to an end. Set in a world far beyond imagining, Mundor will take you on a journey to a realm of political intrigue and adventure, a world of mythic creatures, kings and warriors, and mighty mages. But best of all, you will come face to face with a young man whose journey of self discovery begins when he becomes a dragon!


May 19, 2019

National Guard: Intimidation Game

"National Guard: Intimidation Game" by M F Hassan

| Website | Facebook | The Singapore Schools’ National Guard is an organization for students and run by students encompassing the entire Singapore school system. Its role is to keep the peace among the student population, to promote a sense of belonging and fraternity among students, as well as to inculcate a sense of discipline and physical and moral well-being among students. However, the biggest youth gang in Singapore, the Tigers Eight, sees the rise of the National Guard as a direct threat to its very existence. Orders are sent out from the highest levels to engage the National Guard in a deadly game of intimidation....