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February 18, 2018

The New Kingdom

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"The New Kingdom: Jabari" by Mona Chase

| Website | Amazon | A story about a secret movement to build a powerful and spiritually sophisticated, global nation that will one day rule the world.  Max Taylor, a recent amputee, comes face to face with the terrorist accused of murdering his family. When he is presented with a dangerous offer, he must make a decision that could change his life, and the world.


February 17, 2018

The Powers Alone

"The Powers Alone: The First Principle" by Mark Everett Stone

Two-thousand years ago, Rome fell to an ancient curse called the Scourge. It took the Collegium—a cabal of powerful wizards—to finally eradicate the menace. Two millennia of expansion and reconstruction saw humanity once again ascendant in the world while the Collegium faded from glory, slowly becoming a relic in the eyes of a society that thought it no longer needed them. Sejanus Antius Macro, known as the wizard Diamondfang, is the embodiment of the First Principle of Magic, Ritual and Repetition. Armed with a certainty that the Scourge will return and uncertain whether the faded remains of the Collegium will be strong enough to drive it off, he and his comrades seek the heir to the greatest wizard of the Collegium, the One of All. For centuries wizards have scoured the known world for The One but to no avail. Sejanus believes that his only recourse is to travel beyond the frontier to the lands of the savage red men, the people who have successfully resisted the Empire for four-hundred years. Armed with his raven familiar, Lucius, and centuries of experience, he undertakes a journey in an effort to save the empire he swore to protect. But can even a near-immortal wizard survive in a land from where the great Legions of Britannia never returned?


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February 15, 2018


"Heartaches Bad Boy Vibes 3 part series" by H M Irwing 

| Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Facebook | Author | Anna Walter-Simmons, a student at a vocational college, and Rafe Luis Brown, a soldier who just made it back from Syria, both have had quite their share of turmoil in life.  Having had her trust broken before and her heart shattered, Anna makes a conscious decision never again to fall for the first man who knocks at her door. Then comes Rafe, a pale shadow of the soldier he once was, broken from his experiences in Syria. The two are immediately drawn to each other’s dark pasts while still trying to find their place in such a cruel world. As the story develops, so does the bond between, but so do the forces that try to break them and drag them to the lowest pits of despair.  Whether they make it together depends on whether they can face their deepest of fears, but will they ever be able to trust anyone after such horrid ordeals? Only time and their strength of love will tell…


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February 14, 2018

Tools to Transform your Tomorrows

"Tools to Transform your Tomorrows" by Skye McKenzie

Lasting Change for Those Who Want a Better Life. Do you struggle with a lack of passion for life, toxic or volatile relationships, a well-defined purpose? Do you feel a sense that there’s something more to this life but you don't know what it is? If you desire focus and clarity in your life, you must go within. Tools to Transform your Tomorrows will help you to adapt to your changing environment, find peace within, discover who you truly are, overcome fear, manage your emotions, and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and an overall sense of confidence and self-worth. After struggling through thirty years of painful searching for coping tools in all the wrong places, Skye McKenzie finally discovered what it meant to surrender. She has compiled forty-five tools that she has used to change her life, and now she wants to share them with you. Start today to implement the changes you need to unleash your true self and live the life you love.


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