Book of Month

March 16, 2018

God Will I Ever Find

"God, Will I Ever Find Happiness?: The Journey Toward Healing Your Inner Child" by Mitzy

This book was created from the question "God, will I ever find happiness?" found in the introduction. The author has often tousled with this question and statement out of exhaustion and hopelessness most of her life. Through asking, there was also a process of searching. Thus, this book was born out of the questioning if there was truly more to life. That more included peace, love, and most of all, happiness. Through her personal experiences of overcoming hardships and depression, Mitzy seeks to provide wisdom to help others become the conquerors they were born and created to be. This book provides helpful tools and perspectives that give guidance to those who are struggling to enjoy their lives to the fullest. The purpose of this book is to let you know that happiness is possible for you!


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March 15, 2018

Hidden Secret Massage oil for Respiratory system

"Hidden Secret Massage oil for Respiratory system" by Soes Sagoenie

Get Treatment for Shortness of Breath and Other Respiratory Problems

Manage Breathing Problems by Dealing with the Root Cause Are you having breathing difficulties or suffering from respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, asthma, or a similar condition? Do you find it hard to perform simple tasks like climbing the stairs due to breathing problems? Are you the type that spends several dollars on drugs that end up making you sick? If that’s you, worry no more; help is here. This eBook provides a wealth of information that will enable you to overcome your ailment. Polluted air impact negatively on people, causing respiratory issues such as irritation and breathing difficulties. The effects of pollution are alarming. With this in mind, I have designed ways to help you deal with the problem head-on and breathe more freely. Over the years, I have provided several valuable information and multitudes of people to help them find the cure for a variety of conditions such as:
March 14, 2018

Back Yourself

"Back Yourself: Don’t Give Up When You Have to Step Up" by Rinus Le Roux

| Website | The ways in which we have defined success, survival, education and mastery up to now have expired. We are at a new junction. Many of the practices and behaviours we adopted in the past in order to navigate our lives have lost their relevance and there is an urgent need to find new ways of thinking around behaviour that will sustain the future. The information and skills we acquired through the educational system and our own experience are outdated. In the new economy the mere fact that you have completed a degree, acquired a skill or learned a trade will no longer guarantee you a job or an income. We are now all in virgin territory when it comes to work, behaviour and earning an income. This book provides a number of concepts and behaviours that may assist you in reshaping your approach to work and to life, equipping you with a better chance to deal with both your present and your future.


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March 13, 2018

The Song of Songs

"The Song of Songs" by JG Williams

| Website | A Commentary on the Book of the Song of Solomon Song of Songs is the title the Holy Spirit assigns to the Song of Solomon in its very first verse. Few can deny the poetic beauty and majesty of the Song of Solomon - but what did the Holy Spirit intend for us to understand in this challenging, but intriguing book? Song of Songs is a verse by verse commentary for Bible believers. Where many expositions consider the Song of Solomon from only a devotional perspective, Dr. Williams has attempted to uncover the doctrinal teachings of the book, as well as examining its historical setting and practical applications. Where many have succumbed to the temptation to spiritualize this poetic masterpiece, the author has endeavored to follow a literal approach in Bible interpretation and allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves. Song of Songs will not only help you to understand this portion of Scripture better, but Lord willing it will help you to begin to grasp just how much our Saviour loves us and desires us to walk ever closer with Him.


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