Book of Month

June 6, 2019

Promise of a Sorceress

"Promise of a Sorceress" by G. S. Santos

Epic fantasy based on Baltic and Slavic mythology. Banished from her home and shunned by her own people on the orders of a wicked, lying Count, Adelphine burns with a terrible rage. Determined to avenge her loved ones, she ventures forth to learn from the greatest sorceress of the Kingdom and learn the ways of magic. If she fails, she is certain that her wounded brother will be unjustly imprisoned, and her family’s castle taken. But her journey will not be easy or sure-footed; war, treason, unspeakable evil and the love of her life will tangle in a deadly and daunting web of uncertainty.


June 5, 2019

Love, Lies & Deceit

"Love, Lies & Deceit" by Sarah Roberts

Annie meets an ambitious traveler Ashok an interesting and knowledgeable young man after taking her memorable vacation to India, she felt that love had finally arrived, he added warmth, color and meaning to her life, and what’s more he was young, surprising handsome and passionate. Ashook not only embraces Annie but he shows her how to embrace his homeland, their meals, and about his religion, enjoying all that life offered in this short space of time they grow closer together as they discovered they have fallen for each other. But this is India, where Religion rules your destiny and boy just don’t meet girl from the other side of the world and get married, they stay at home and live the life their parents plan for them from a very young age. Even if it’s not what they want, or it leaves them broken hearted and longing for more that what India has to offer.


June 4, 2019

Tracking the Butcher

"Tracking the Butcher: In Search of a Serial Killer" by William Joiner

A sadistic serial killer, known as the “Butcher” is loose in Los Angeles. He has a particular taste for carving up prostitutes, but they are only the first course in the Butcher’s banquet. In a letter to the media and the police, the Butcher exposes his real targets — cheating wives. He attacks them the same way he did the prostitutes: twenty shallow and two deep stab wounds. Assigned to bring the Butcher to justice are Lieutenant Elgie Reynolds, Detective Quinn Kim, and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Lucas Connors. They follow the blood trail left in the Butcher’s wake. His blood lust increases with each body. The Butcher proves to be a cunning adversary for Elgie and his crew. He is so adept at blending in that he begins to go into bars, pick up women, kills them, and still, no one knows who he is. He seems to be nondescript, mixing with the crowd. The Butcher manages to kill without leaving a trace of evidence or a clue to his identity. He goes so far as to call Reynolds and tell him he’s seen him, he’s closer than he thinks. But even that’s not enough to satisfy his ego. The Butcher needs a new thrill. He needs more attention. After all, what good is it to actually get away with murder if no one knows about it.


June 3, 2019

Wealth is for everyone

"Wealth is for everyone: God's wealth creation strategies" by Jake Prince, Olubamike Fadipe

This book is written with the aim of inspiring all to the pursuit of wealth creation. The wisdom shared in it is distilled from the scriptures, life and nature.