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March 7, 2022
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March 14, 2022

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“BASH: Love, Madness, and Murder” by Michael Bartos

Ashley Roper, the owner of a struggling weekly tabloid in Charleston, South Carolina, decides to up his game and go undercover inside the nearby Blakemore Anderson State Hospital, known as BASH, for the criminally insane. He plans to investigate a number of potentially juicy stories including the murder of a staff member, the escape of a psychotic killer, and illicit drugs getting through the barbed wire perimeter.. Unforeseen circumstances lead to his being trapped inside as a real patient. His headstrong wife, Sally J Gaffney, calls upon high powered Charleston attorney and former lover, Roswell Chamblee, to help spring Ash. The legal, bureaucratic, and romantic sparks fly in the sultry and lyrical low country as a dangerous hurricane draws a bead on the South Carolina coast.
Hard-drinking, blues-playing psychiatrist “Doc” Kerrigan who knows the difference between a reporter and a patient, finds himself caught up in the middle of the dilemma. A roadside café owner, her son, and a charming TV weather forecaster become unlikely heroes in this saga.

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