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March 28, 2019


"BOSSY BASTARD: Anthology"

One enticing, and utterly binge-worthy anthology created just for you. All twelve standalone stories feature 'Bossy' men that fight for the women of their dreams and each of these irresistible stories will have you craving for more. This anthology is a collection of twelve steamy standalone romance novellas with no cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA! Don't miss out!


March 27, 2019

The Dying Beast of Life

"The Dying Beast of Life" by Hank Vance

The Dying Beast of Life - Kindle edition by Hank Vance. Literature ... A beautiful race of demon women called Fiviji, they fight in a competition with a human partner for queenship in a downgraded modern day time. The main character is the Fiviji Murrain, she searches in a small town for her human partner Kurtus, shortly after they meet Kurtus' mother is eaten my a monster, after this tragedy happens Murrian and Kurtus start their adventure and Kurtus is afraid for his life although Murrian is protecting him with her sword he's fears that another Fiviji will kill him just to eliminate Murrian from the competition.


February 6, 2019

Maya – The Awakening

"Maya - The Awakening" by Akshat Ratanpal

The book is first in the series that discovers the secrets behind your thoughts and the amazing world it creates. The story is a gripping adventure and mysterious journey of Angad who discovers a special ability that allows him to live different lives through his thoughts. His journey is marked with love, sex, greed, betrayal, death and discovery of forces beyond his belief. The book takes you through a journey into Angad's struggles with discovery of his powers and the amazing ability of creation that he possess. The book will make you question the reality of your own existence.


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January 16, 2019

Professor Curious and His Miracle Machine

"Professor Curious and His Miracle Machine: The Mystery of the Glowing Rock" by Professor Production Co. and Professor Curious

A Miracle Machine? A glowing rock? Captured by men in hoodies? Suspense and action take you back as you experience the story of 'Good Friday' through the eyes of four tweens accidentally whooshed back into Bible times. How did they get there -- and how will they get home? Is it a new virtual reality game, or time machine? Professor Curious has amnesia! Kids Help find John, Julie, Jack and Jill and you could be entered for a chance to be named in the next book. 


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