August 15, 2019

In The Eyes of The Moose

"In The Eyes of The Moose" by David Rankin Johnson

| Website | A story of Love and one family's journey in overcoming adversity to attain it. A three year old girl is alone and crying in a farm field on the coast of Maine a Moose close by helps the child. Where is the mother? As the answer to that question is told a story of her past is revealed and that of the three brothers who grew up on that farm. After their fathers death they leave the farm, the youngest goes to Alaska and the oldest travels to Mexico the middle one stays in Maine. Wild adventures of their travels interweave with their ancestors that sailed across the Atlantic in 1727 from Scotland to Maine on a two masted schooner. Family secrets, passion and courage to free themselves of the long shadows of the past. A story of a families quest for love and belonging.


August 13, 2019

God in My Closet

"God in My Closet: One Woman’s Journey from Darkness to Light" by Sonya Black

| Website | Facebook | Sonya Black is born in the projects to addicts and alcoholics bent on the kind of destruction that drives children mad. One night, her mother shuts her in her closet, but Sonya finds a friend in the dark. This is the beginning of her lifelong conversation with God. As Sonya and her brothers are dragged from Section-8 apartments to shelters to crack-houses, she begs God for help. As she endures violence, sexual violation, and loss, Sonya gives God a piece of her mind. Sonya becomes her own worst enemy, inflicting dangerous wounds on herself, and descending into madness—but she never gives up on God. The adult Sonya battles grief to seek the one thing she never had: a home. God in My Closet is the story of a woman who cries out to God but keeps laughing, who argues with God but never stops talking to Him, until their conversations turn darkness to light.


August 6, 2019

A Modern Man’s Search For Truth

"A Modern Man's Search For Truth: How Siddhartha would live in the modern world" by Martin K Ettington 

| Website | This is the story of a modern spiritual seeker in today's world and an exciting adventure. One of my favorite books is Siddhartha By Herman Hesse. It is the story tracing the life of a young man throughout his life until he is old and takes place a couple of thousand years ago in India. He has many different phases and events in his life where he learns about Spiritual Enlightenment as well as living a full life. How would this search for truth work out in today’s world? This book is the story of a modern man named Laoch who is driven to find truth in his life. He has a passion to know Spiritual truth and happiness too. His curiosity is a passion and he doesn’t want to be held back by a conventional lifestyle or beliefs. Life can be an exciting journey with many adventures along the way. He has many adventures in his process of discovery. The Journey can be more important than the destination. Our lives are also combinations of the events we experience and the thoughts and meditations of our lives. We can’t live on Earth and advance without experiencing life. To some his life would have seemed conventional but to Laoch he has a fascinating life and it is full of incredible discoveries he makes spiritually, psychically, and physically.

Learn more about Laoch's life story here….. 

August 5, 2019

Keto Diet

"Keto Diet: Easy and Healthy, Keto Diet Recipes for Weight Loss and To A Healthier Life Style" by J D

The Most Successful Weightloss Cookbook In 2019! Have you recently started following the Ketogenic diet and are overwhelmed by the huge number of options on what to eat and what not to eat yet can’t figure out which recipes to start with? I have been there and I know firsthand how much information overload can make it hard to get started on the Ketogenic diet. I wouldn’t want you to go through the same trouble, which is why I wrote this book to give you just enough options without overwhelming you. This book has mouthwatering keto recipes that will help you get into ketosis without having to worry about carb counting. With the recipes in this book, you should ideally be able to follow the diet for at least a month without having to repeat recipes too many times. All you need to do is to prepare one recipe per day for the next 1 week or so so that you determine which recipes best suit your palate. From then on, you can repeat the recipes as you deem fit to sustain yourself into ketosis.