February 18, 2019

Study for Life success

"Study for Life success: 7 Effective Steps to Excellence" by Faiz IBRAHIM 

| YouTube | This book contains a simple summary, runs the experiences of many scientists and experts of human development in their fields, which I learned from them and use the information which is useful in each unit to enrich it. Additionally I added to it a summary of my experiences which I have been through periods of study in Per stages and especially the present time, when I’m completing my MBA studies which is a unique experience for me where I face difficult circumstances because of many activities at the same time . As a part-time study and a lot of activities made me revise my calculations well and taught me a lot about the importance of science .Also I add some of my experiences which I gained from working for more than six years in the Ministry of Education . This taught me a lot from dealing with students in schools and training courses. During this period I was taking observations from many students and also I looked in many sources to feed and enrich the book for the benefit of students and urging them to continue learning and contribute to the development of their skills and creative abilities. At the end I ask Allah to help me in success in the delivery of books material to the mind of the recipient. This book is a few steps to help you progress your level in school or college. It is enriched with a lot of thoughts from different recourses and supported by the stories of our reality and many stories of great scientists. The book starts with the benefits of science and its importance for human been. Also I talked about the roles of related elements in making a successful generation and these are (the organization, teacher, parents and students. Then I moved to the seven steps which I considered it from my experience in the education environment and my readings will be helpful for students to improve themselves.


February 17, 2019

Edged Up

"Edged Up: My Fair Share for Christmas" by Marvin Koyo 

Each winter break, Eddie goes visit his family living in New York for business matters. This year, he comes to take his liquidity. Unfortunately, some issues have arisen while discussing during the Christmas dinner.


February 15, 2019

Awaken With Gratitude

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"Awaken With Gratitude" by Hillis Pugh

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Awaken With Gratitude is a collection of true-to-life moments and personal perspectives threaded together in a series of internal commentary. These observations create a new awareness of self. Each theme allows a deeper understanding of how gratitude runs thru every aspect of every day in each moment creating a cohesion. Gratitude is more than an attitude, it is the path to feeling good, the path of acceptance, and the path of least resistance.


February 11, 2019



| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Six feet and beautiful, Shalimar Blacque is a New York Special Agent who can play rough with the best of them, and still be a lady. Her partner/mentor Roosevelt Jenkins find themselves caught in a tangled web of corruption that includes some of the most powerful members of New York society. Throw in members of a unknown drug cartel, and watch the sparks fly. The loves of her life in no particle order Family, Shoes, Boyfriend, cats, New York City. All this makes for a messy ride. 


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