August 26, 2018

CBD Oil For Weight Loss

"CBD Oil For Weight Loss: All You Need to Know About Using this Natural Supplement to Curb Your Appetite" by Jason Keeley

This book is meant to serve as a guide to help you lose weight using CBD oil as a dietary supplement. I'll help you decide which delivery method and what dosage of hemp oil to take to help curb your appetite.  I'll answer the most common questions related to using CBD oil:  Will CBD oil get me high? Is CBD legal to use? Will it really help me to lose weight?  What other conditions does it help? Where do I buy it? How much do I take?


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August 25, 2018

What The Heck Is Forex

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"What The Heck Is Forex: Six Simple Steps To Profit Trading Currencies in The Foreign Exchange Market"

| Website | YouTube | There are hundreds of books and blogs about the forex market. What makes this book special?? Disclaimer: Foreign currency exchange is a difficult concept to explain and trading this market is tough to profit from consistently. There is a risk of losing some or all of your initial investment.  I have a special ability to take complex concepts and make them simple to understand. This book not only introduces you to what the basics of forex are.. but takes you on a quick journey from not knowing wtf forex is about to trading a demo account . I have invested thousands of dollars in learning about this market. There are thousands of teachers of various methods of trading. It is easy to get overwhelmed and swamped. I am here to introduce you to C.A.E.S.E.R. This is a pnemonic I created to make sense out of all the Forex noise and distraction and get you on the road to practice and profit rapidly. Let me be clear. This is a complex market and there is a lot to learn. What I have provided in this book is a basic starter kit. At the end of reading this you will know enough about the opportunity in this market to make a decision to practice and learn to trade for a full time independent income.


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August 21, 2018

Satan’s Sand

"Satan's Sand" by Edward Vogler

| Website | A dedicated CIA analyst lives the easy life, until he is dumped in war torn Libya. He must locate WMD’s and assassinate the tyrant whose goal is US annihilation beginning with Washington, DC in one week. He struggles through the Sahara and becomes wedged between the Agency who believes he went rogue wanting him eliminated and the Tyrant who learns of his mission. 


"Fun, suspenseful and intriguing" Very interesting. The beginning was a bit of a surprise (though I completely understand why things happened the way they did now that I'm done.) Loved the dynamic characters and the variety of revelations. Lots of great character building and a fairly strong plot despite a few mishaps in editing. Most importantly, it kept me interested pretty much throughout. Definitely recommend it!~ Belladona "Never fails to keep you on your toes." Although I never read war related stories, this was definitely an interesting way to be exposed to that side of life. Jay's journey hits you with twists and turns and never fails to keep you on your toes. If you want to be emerced in world outside of your own, this is the book for you. I can't wait for the sequel, but for the time being i'll be on the look out for a book with a similar story line.~ Agnes Musee


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August 19, 2018

For the Love of Luke

"For the Love of Luke: Our commitment to life in the midst of certain loss" by Michelle Lynn Forester

What do you do when God calls you to walk through an unthinkable tragedy? When I was twelve weeks pregnant with our son, Luke was diagnosed with a terminal neurological condition. We were assured that he would not live. My husband and I had a choice to make - did we follow the advice of our doctors and proceed with a medical termination, or did we follow our convictions and continue the pregnancy no matter the cost? We chose the latter. We were committed to the life of our son, even in the midst of certain loss. The pregnancy, birth, and death of our son was the most heart-wrenching time in our lives, but we'd do it all over again. Luke was worth it.


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