February 22, 2017

Seeds Of A Woman

"Seeds Of A Woman: Nourishment From The Soil" by Shamil Cole

This book is dedicated to Women around the world, I believe it's a time to be reminded of how Women used to be, and to honor the Old Fashion Woman. Somehow, we have became a stereotype, that has been totally turned upside down. We must not forget how significant we are in this world, and how to nurture one another, to uplift each other, to not degrade one another, but to compliment each other. I understand that times have changed, and there's more Women in the workforce, but there's so many amazing values we hold.


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February 21, 2017

Chaos (un)Controlled

"Chaos (un)Controlled" by Tael

Rixa Storms flees to a library-in-the-sky world to escape her mother’s religious, controlling nature, but finds a murky truth below the polished surface of what seems like a paradise. To emerge victorious, she’ll need to overcome her upbringing’s resulting emotional suppression to better control her power, or risk being consumed by her newfound abilities.


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February 19, 2017

The Story Travelers Bible

"The Story Travelers Bible" by Tracey Madder

This is a brand new storybook bible for Kids. Join Lana, Griffin, and Munch as they travel inside the bible on the adventure of a lifetime. Includes 85 fully illustrated bible stories. Great Easter Gift of Holy Communion Gift.


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February 18, 2017

Title Starfarers and Tharnians In Space

"Title Starfarers and Tharnians In Space " by Mr David Hearne

Set in a hostile galaxy mirroring real nations and world events, standing against the evil aliens known as tharnians, is a reluctant hero named Jarre, his flippant, 80’s retro sidekick Ky, and his ‘tough as nails’ love interest, Ganna. Never mind the tharnians, along the way our spacefarers will also have to battle each other and themselves (love, lust, anger, addiction and deception are just the entree) in this space opera where everyone is out to get them, from bounty hunters to a scantily clad dominatrix! They also attempt to fulfil an ancient prophecy and uncover an insidious plot to force the free universe to bow down to the most cunning of enemies – humans! It’s apocalyptic, character-driven science fiction where the twists keep coming.