January 25, 2017

The Master’s Sacred Knowledge: A key to your inner treasure


The book “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge” is full of simple philosophy molded into a story for easy reading and easy understanding. Yet when you take each bit of philosophy individually and work with it, it becomes a very powerful tool to help in transforming one’s life. This story is about a wise old Sage who passes on his sacred teachings to an insecure young man and takes him on a inner journey explaining the Art of Living, the Art of Living in the Now and the Art of Dying, and helps him find out who he really is and teaches him about the power of Unconditional Love. Synopsis: - This is the story about a wise old Master who comes across a young man who is look at life very negatively. The wise old Master asks the young man to spare him some of his time before he harms himself. This the young man did and by doing so the wise old Master passed on a Sacred Master Key to him along with some of his Sacred Knowledge so he could open the doors to Divine Living. Reviews: "A real gem of a book & one that I am sure to read over and over! I’m glad it found its way to me". Charles Anthony McFaulds "A very rare book that deals with the positive hidden elements in a person. This is a book MUST for all those who have lost all hope in life. This book gives us the key to open our inner energies & win over the world.” NELSON D’SOUZA" “SPEECHLESS!!!! Most amazing book ever!!! Thank you for sharing this unbelievable knowledge in such a magnificent way." Lucia "It is known and has been said that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ The Master’s Sacred Knowledge, by Allan Rufus, is one such teacher." Body & Mind South Africa "What a wonderful, inspiring, empowering and life-changing book!! So full of the highest wisdom and best guidance. This is the inner knowledge that your parents, teachers or mentors in life will likely not be able to give you!" Karan "Great writing! Very valuable wisdom, cannot stop reading!" Rumy "The best self help book ever!" Donna Smith "Must read for every spiritual seeker!" Eric Kwasi Adjei Get your copy & take the steps inwards today to “KNOW THYSELF”, where you go from being dull to being divine, from being depressed to being a magician and from being ordinary to that of being extraordinary.


January 24, 2017

The Stripper Chronicles

"The Stripper Chronicles" by Quiana Golde

Daija felt her happiness being ripped right out of her hands. It had happened once before, but this time she was bound to put up a fight. Especially when the only parent she had left was the one at stake. But she needed help. So when Vince seemed to come out of nowhere and offer to aid her, she took it. Even if it meant she’d have to work for him as his stripper. She’d do anything for her mother. But is she prepared for what Vince has in store for her?