April 25, 2017

Four Minutes of Leverage

"Four Minutes of Leverage: How to Take Back Control and Organize an Intentional Life" by Claire Fischer

Do you have just four minutes to spare per day? If you have a crazy, hectic, busy life, and want to get a handle on how to become more organized and sane, the guide will help you learn how to begin the process using just four minutes of your time each day. Instead of living in a reaction mode, responding to each day's crisis, you can take charge and live an intentional life, generating your own destiny. Using some simple four minute strategies, you will be able to apply leverage that will give you net savings in time for the future and make you feel like life is possible and enjoyable. Your personal health, your family and relationships, your home, and your career are all addressed, keeping the gears of your life working smoothly in tandem with each other.


April 24, 2017

The Spiritual Awakening Process

"The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light" by Christine Hoeflich

Although humanity has reached a defining point in our spiritual history, the fact that our world is changing from the Age of Darkness to the Age of Light at this very moment is not yet widely known. This transition comes on the heels of generations devoid of the intuition and internal powers that can be activated within ourselves ... by following some very simple steps that are outlined in the book. The Spiritual Awakening Process: Coming Out of the Darkness and Into the Light supports our individual journeys towards consciousness and helps us claim our birthright of vital shamanic powers and deep, intuitive wisdom. This comprehensive book will not only help you understand, but also fully engage in, the worldwide spiritual awakening currently taking place. Check out Christine's Blog Here-->


April 24, 2017

Never Be Heartbroken

"Never Be Heartbroken: A guide on finding an awesome and eternal spouse" by Omar Mahmoud

The goal of this book is to show you how to create a blissful marriage by finding the person that will be by your side forever. So that you will never be heartbroken. This book has seven chapters each one building upon the next until you have an unbreakable bond with another human being. - Chapter 1: Teaches you what real love and lust are. - Chapter 2: Prepares you mentally and emotionally for marriage. - Chapter 3: Protects your heart from heartbreak while looking for the one. - Chapter 4: Widens your search and unlocks and many opportunities for a spouse. - Chapter 5: Highlights what people and what criteria you should be looking for. - Chapter 6: Guides you on conversation with your prospective spouse and literally tests his/her character. - Chapter 7: Once you've found the one this chapter goes over on how to seal the eternal deal with a bang that will be everlasting.


April 23, 2017

Study Hacks

"Study Hacks: The Art of Becoming a Badass Straight-A Student while Working Less and Getting More Time to Have Fun" by Filipa Canelas

Can you feel your time running out pretty quickly with all the school work you need to finish? Do you feel completely overwhelmed with your college or high-school assignments? Did you ever study for long periods of hours without succeeding in the test? This book, which is filled with study hacks and study tips to work less while getting straight-A’s, will solve your student life problems! Have we ever been taught of how to study? No… There’s no need to study for long periods of time when you can study in half of the time but more effectively, by only using specific study tips for college, high-school or school in general! There’s no need to lose your mind when it comes to study for a test. There are simple study tips, used by highly-successful students, that will help you to get good grades in college! The 23 Study Hacks you will get inside this book aren’t the typical study tips you read everywhere. Those are tips that go deep on how you can have good grades while studying less! Actually, most of these study skills are better kept secret (teacher must not find them out!)