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May 23, 2019

Gardienne de maison

"Gardienne de maison Books 1 and 2: A British Woman's Diary of House Sitting in France" by A Wanderer

| Amazon UK | The first and second diaries of a British woman house sitting in France. From house sitting in a remote mountain village to the golden shores of Guernsey. From lost cats to neurotic dogs, from crazy house owners to new friends. Learning French language and culture, rural landscapes, coasts, islands and city sunsets. This is a book of adventures and the struggle to integrate with a new language and way of life, paperwork and all.


May 7, 2019

Abused Overused and Meaningless

"Abused Overused and Meaningless" by Kathleen Kush and Chery Jimenez 

Dorrance Publishing Abused, Overused and Meaningless True stories of Mental Illness of Abusers & the Traumatized, and the Relationship between those Disorders and Opiate Abuse, Accidental Overdose and Suicide By: Kathleen Kush and Chery Jimenez In Abused, Overused and Meaningless, Kathleen Kush and Chery Jimenez tell true stories taken from their lives and drawn from surveys and interviews with others concerning depression and suicide caused by mental or physical abuse. Some information has been gathered from various print publications, social media posts or other online sources and television media regarding historical and biographical stories. The authors also draw from their personal experiences. Both authors have attempted suicide at least once in their lives. They feel that there are many people who are depressed and afraid to relate their stories because of embarrassment or fear of repercussions. Instead, these people suffer in silence from issues such as depression, PTSD and DID. The authors hope that this book will let those who are suffering know that they are not alone. Their fear can be overcome with nurturing and therapy.


February 2, 2019

Father Where Are You?

"Father Where Are You? " by Stefan Driess 

| Website | Facebook | ‘I don’t want this bastard!’ I was only a boy when I heard these terrible words. I can’t tell you exactly how old I was. But the man shouting was my father. He was drunk and he was referring to me. So begins the true story of one man’s journey from rejection to rebellion. Denied the love of a good father and suffering from abuse, Stefan looked for comfort and meaning in all the wrong places, from drugs and alcohol, to hooliganism and the occult. Driven by inner voices shouting ‘kill yourself,’ Stefan went to a vineyard outside a village in his native Germany and prepared to bid farewell to this world. But in the very act of ending it all, Stefan found the beginning of a new adventure – one that would lead him to the father he’d been longing for all his life. This unforgettable tale of one man’s journey from being an orphan to being a son is sure to inspire, amuse, move, and enlighten you. If you are asking, ‘father, where are you?’ this is the book for you. Dr. Mark Stibbe, bestselling author, script doctor, and CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions I have known Stefan for a decade now. In reading this book, I can see how only God could have healed the boy and raised this kind of man. This is a “But God” book, meaning only God can show up and bring this type of life change. Dr. Sharon Stone, President and Founder of Christian International Europe Stefan Driess is married to Louise and is the father of Grace and John David, and lives in Manchester, England. He is a motivational speaker, leadership coach and Author and Producer. Over the years he has been involved in projects such as helping young offenders in Germany and rescuing children from the sex trade in India.


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October 23, 2018

Memories of a Devil

"Memories of a Devil" by Father Chester Fabisiak, SJ

Memories of a Devil is the compelling memoir of a young Jesuit priest who was imprisoned in Dachau, a Nazi concentration camp near Munich, Germany. The specter of death and torture hung over his daily experience. Father Fabisiak’s memoir presents a vivid, horrifying picture of human beings capable of the most profound cruelty and inhumanity toward others. Memories of a Devil communicates a profound message about the fragility of human nature. It reflects on the nature of human will persistently challenged by God and evil. The memoir reflects on how souls and minds embedded in a dominant, destructive group ideology can readily and blindly influence other people


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