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June 22, 2018

Career Success

"Career Success: How To Create Success In Your Career And In Your Life - Based On The Story Of My Life" by James Vince

Do you dream of having a successful career? Do you want to be able to replicate that success in your personal life as well? Are you ready to take the first steps? Most of us want to be successful in some aspect of our lives. For many, it is to have a great career and to earn a good wage so that we can enjoy life, while for others it may be a simpler wish to just be happier. Whichever it is, Career Success: How To Create Success in Your Career and in Your Life, is a book that has the answers to your questions and provides actionable resources through chapters on: ➢ Collecting good behaviors ➢ Erasing the complaining attitude ➢ Continuous learning ➢ Determination ➢ Cutting out bad influences ➢ Hard work ➢ Taking responsibility ➢ And much more… The opportunities for success lie within each one of us and it is up to us as individuals to ensure that we reach our goals. Nobody else can achieve them for us. Career Success is a book that provides the essential core of what we need to do in order to reach the life goals we set. Get a copy today and see how it can help you attain your own success, whatever it may be.


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June 9, 2018

Biz Startup Solutions

"Biz Startup Solutions" by Heather Sherry

| Website | This inspiring book will give you the knowledge and confidence to set your self free to be your own boss. Throughout the book you will learn many helpful tips that will save you thousands of dollars in costly assistance from accountants, lawyers and consultants. This guide shares strategies and solutions that will save you many hours of your own productivity and will help you defeat the many challenges that a first time business owner faces. You will learn: Helpful Strategies to Turn Your Passion into Reality: It is one thing to have an idea but, it is another to take action. You'll find in this book the #1 reason why most startups fail (pg. 2) and how not to fall into that trap! Action Steps To Help You Get Started Fulfilling Your Dreams Now: When Starting Your Business, it is overwhelming to think of the next steps to take. In this guide you will find actionable steps to take to help you succeed.


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June 5, 2018

Focused Job Interviews

"Focused Job Interviews" by Peter K. Davies

Prepare. Interview. Score! The number one way to get the job you want is to prepare. But how do you stand out when there are so many other qualified candidates? Read this book with bite-sized retainable tips on how increase the odds that you’ll get the job you want. What’s in this book? Here’s a sneak-peek of a few of the tips included. You’ll learn:
  • What to do before, during and after the interview
  • How to focus
  • What to prepare
  • How to stand out
  • How to impress the interviewer
  • How to avoid the interview pitfalls


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May 19, 2018

Winning Seattle Real Estate

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"Winning Seattle Real Estate" by Dan Sanchez

| Website | Facebook | The рurроѕе оf this bооklеt is to help first-time home buyers and people interested in learning how to win real estate bid wars in Seattle. Many buyers write оffеrѕ on 6 houses before thеу асtuаllу win оnе. This can be a very painful еxреriеnсе (emotionally and financially). Each offer can аlѕо соѕt аrоund $600! Mу аvеrаgе buуеr wins thе firѕt hоuѕе thеу writе аn оffеr оn. In the following pages, I will explain how I do it. I have over 20 years’ experience in both commercial and residential real estate brokerage. I started my career in the late 1980s finding land for custom home builders. I went on to work for the Chairman of one of the largest property management companies in America. I spent 8 years acquiring and brokering large apartment complexes nationwide for Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, and private investors. During this time I was appointed by a bankruptcy court judge to be treasurer of a 300 unit condominium project. I remodeled dozens of homes and designed 2 subdivisions.


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